The temptation to create the Qur’an

Fitna create Qur’an 71 – opinion Shafie Ahmed Satn claims to say the creation of Alorteuran was narrated that Ibn al – in ( the virtues of Imam Ahmad ) was narrated to spring son of Solomon said : He told me Shafei : Aarabie Take my book and flashing him and handed him to Abu Abdullah Ahmad Bin Hmpel I In response , he said Al-Rabee ‘, and I entered Baghdad with the book and met Ajmad bin Hanbal in the morning prayer, and I prayed with him in the morning prayer. When he moved from the mihrab, I handed the book to him and said to him : This is the book of your brother Al-Shafi’i from Egypt , so Ahmed said : Have you looked at it? I said : No , and Ahmed broke the ring and read the book, and his eyes filled with tears , and I said to him : What is it about, O Abu Abdullah? He said : He remembers that the Prophet ( PBUH ) saw in a dream , so he said to him : Write to my father, Abdullah Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, and read peace on him and say that you will be tested and pray to the creation of the Qur’an, so do not oblige them. God will raise knowledge for you until the Day of Resurrection . Spring said : I said : the Annunciation took off his shirt following the lashes Vdfh to Vokzth and went out to Egypt and took the answer book and handed over to Shafie said to me : Aarabie anything which is paid to you? I said : The shirt that follows his skin , then Al-Shafi’i said to me : We do not help you with it, but bad, and pay us the money in order to associate you with it . And narrators also narrated from another way on the authority of Rabi` bin Sulaiman and said in it : that Al-Shafi’i mentioned in writing that he saw the Prophet ( PBUH ) in his sleep and said to him : O Ibn Idris, this is the fatwa of Aba Abd Allah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hanbal that he will be examined in the religion of God and pray to me to say The Qur’an is created, so it does not, and it will be struck with a whip, and that God – the Almighty – will publish for him a year that does not involve the Day of Resurrection, and he mentioned the rest of the story in the manner mentioned above .