The vision of the king of Egypt

The vision of the king of Egypt , God has been mentioned – the Almighty – mentioned interpretation of which is the first by Joseph – peace be upon him – he said – the Almighty -: ( And the king said , I see seven fat cows he would eat seven lean Snblatt and seven vegetables and other Iabsat O public Please advise me in my vision, if ye vision You pass , they said pipe dreams, and we are not interpreting dreams in two worlds , and he said that he who escaped from them and remember after his mother, I tell you by his interpretation , so they will send , Joseph , O friend, we have seven fat cows eat them seven lean cows and seven spikes of green and the other dry so that I may return to the people so that they may know , he said that you will plant seven years You have always reaped, and sprinkle it in the grain of it, except for a little of what you eat , then after that there will come seven men who will eat what you have given them except for a little of what you have fortified , then after that there comes a year in which the people will help and in which they squeeze ). Surah Yusuf verses 43-49. And he – the Almighty – said : ( They said pipe dreams ) Ibn Jarir said : They mean that it is a mixture of a false vision that has no truth , and it is a collection of stress , and stress has its origin in a bundle of hashish that resembles mixed dreams that have no interpretation . Al-Mawardi and Al-Qurtubi mentioned on the authority of Abu Ubaidah that he said : Al- Adghat is an unexplained vision of the vision , and Ibn Jarir also narrated on the authority of Qatada in the saying: (Our fatwa is in seven fat cows that are eaten by seven lean ones ). He said : As for quail, years of it are fertile , and the seven lean ones are sterile years that do not grow anything , and he said : ( Seven spikes are green and the other is dry .) As for the green, they are the fertile years , as for the dry land , the dry ones are the transformed ones , and the lean ones are the Almazel . And saying : ( he sow seven years harder ) , the verse said : When I know the vision to make explained to him , he said : seven of the cows , quail and Alsnblatt greens seven years , fertilizer , and the cows lean and Alsnblatt higher lands Vsba years Magdbat it is saying 🙁 cultivate seven years harder ). Any consecutive sequence . Al-Qurtubi said : This verse is based on the validity of the vision of the infidel, and that it comes out according to what he saw . And he said : “ Then there will come a year after that, in which people will help and they will squeeze .” Ibn Jarir said : This is a report from Yusef – peace be upon him – to the people about what was not in the vision of their king, but from the knowledge of the unseen that God came to be an indication of his prophethood and a proof of his truthfulness , then he narrated on the authority of Qatada that he said that God provided him with knowledge of a Sunnah that they did not ask him about, so he said : ( Then After that there will come a year in which people find relief and squeeze .) Means saying 🙁 it Agat people ) rain and Ghaith , also narrated from Ibn ‘ Greg said : Ibn Abbas – God bless them – 🙁 and then come after that year ) , he told them something did not ask him about God had taught him a year in which Agat people By rain . And Al-Qurtubi mentioned on the authority of Qatada that he said : God has given him a Sunnah knowledge that they did not ask him about in order to show his virtue , and to inform his place of knowledge and his knowledge .