A revelation, the daughter of Abi Saifi, by ordering dropsy

The vision of a thin girl my father a summer thing Balastsaga for openwork ibn Nawfal – may Allah be pleased with him – from his mother thin girl dad summer son Hashim Lydda was Abdul Muttalib said : Successive the Quraish years Jdbh Oqahlt skin and shed the bone , she said : While I’m lying Oh God , or Mhomh if I With a famous phone shouting in a sahl voice saying : Oh, Quraysh, this prophet was sent from you, and this is during his departure, so he lives in goodness and fertility . Do not see from you a tall, white-bone man who smacks of two eyes , has pride on him and a year dedicated to him , but let him save him and his son and turn to him from every belly a man , not Fliscnoa of water and harmed from the good and to receive the corner , and then carefully chosen House seven times to live up father FBIs Felictsag man and believes in the people , not including the pure and good for itself , not Vgshm if you like and you live . She said : So the knowledge of God became a frightened woman. My skin and his mind stood up. My vision was cut short, so I slept in the rivers of Makkah . So, the sanctity and the forbidden, if he remains with it , is abtahi unless he says this is the shaybah of praise , this is a shaybah , and the Quraysh are complete with him . And broke him all the belly of a man staging and Speak and received roaring and then ascended the father Qubais and punched people buried around him once realize their quest until poverty peaked Vacetknoa Jnabiah and with them the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , which that day Ghulam may Oaf or anguish arose , Abdul Muttalib said : Oh God prevailed Alkhalp The detector Courba you the world is a teacher and administrator is Mboukl and Hola Abdaak and Amaak Badhirat Ahramk complain to you their year that may Oqahlt cloven slippers , Vasaman God and Amatarn Geetha terrible Mgdakka , what Eu even went off the sky Pmaiha Okz valley Bhgejeh Velsmat Sheikhan Quraish , she says Abdul Muttalib : Congratulations to you, Aba Al-Bathaa , Hanaa , that is , for you lived the people of Batha, and in that it says Raqifa : Bashisa Al-Hamd, may God water our town. We lost the life and the underlined water. So the waters and trees lived in a torrent from God with the auspicious. There is nothing in the people of justice or danger, and in this hadith it is strange that we explain it briefly , saying : Abd al-Muttalib’s mother is a Sunni deed . And replaced Epast . And thinning the bone made him weak from effort . And hypnosis first sleep and dawn time . Hala inspired word acceleration . And Hia – limited – rain and fertile , no sooner Otakm rain and fertility . And the bones by joining the eye are louder than the great . Some are thin in complexion . And the high snort . And saying : He has a pride that grieves him, he must hide and not be proud of . The Sunnah is the way . And guide him , that is , people show it . Let them shine , with the Sein and the Shin , that is , let them pour , meaning , then let them wash . Then sin, any relief and relief . And any Fasht and Shaybah Al-Hamad has grown the title of Abdul Muttalib . And she completed it , that is , they all came . And the time limit for his silence and saying : anguish, that is, proximity . The trait is needed . And the courtyards excuses . And the year of drought and distress . And he means the shafts and the slippers of sheep and camels . And spoiled a lot . No crowded . And the noise is very runny water . And Sheikh Sheikhs . And Aljzl any late and Jouni black clouds . His saying : in the voice of Sahl, meaning in it with a sweet . And his saying : A man is tall, meaning he is tall, and if he is excessively tall, it is said that he is long with emphasis . And he said : Let him go , the delif is the slow walking, it is said : he walks when he walks and the stepping boat . And she said : and in them pure and good for joy – means the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him – and saying : Mviodh , Mufiod is the one who injured his heart – a heart – pain of . Panic, annexation, fear and panic . And he said : My skin stood, meaning the clenching, and it was said : She wanted to stop my hair, so he rose from panic . And God wandered the mind and bewildered by the severity of emotion . And her saying : So is the sanctity and the forbidden , this is from swearing by something other than God and it is shirk , and that happened from it during the time of ignorance, and if that is polytheism . And her saying : They buried around it, that is, they walk on the path of Lena . And the auspicious plane is a plane, and the best one for which it preached is harmful is the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. It is not unlikely that the Quraish’s relief is due to the fact that he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is one of those seeking help from among them .