The vision of Joseph, peace be upon him

The vision of Joseph, peace be upon him . The vision of Joseph – peace be upon him – Allah has mentioned – the Almighty – in saying : ( as Joseph said to his father , O my father , I saw one of eleven stars and the sun and the moon saw them prostrating themselves before me , he said , my son , do not Tqss vision to your brothers , you Vicdwa Kida Satan is to man an avowed enemy , and like that Ijetbik your Lord and teach you the interpretation of conversations and is His grace on him and Jacob as the most complete on your parents by Abraham and Isaac that your Lord is Knowing , wise ) from Surat Yusuf verses 4-6. The interpretation of this vision occurred after forty years, and it was said : After eighty years, the first authentic one . It is the words of Salman the Persian – may Allah be pleased with him – and Abdullah bin Shaddad , told God – the Almighty – for an interpretation by saying : ( when they came to Joseph to go and his parents said Enter Egypt, God secure wills , and raise his parents on the show and fell prostrate and said, Didn’t this interpretation of my vision before had made it truly my Lord ). Surah Yusuf Al-Eitan 99-100.