In the vision, he indicates the mosque, just as the mosque indicates the market . It may indicate a war in which a people wins and a people loses . God Almighty called jihad a trade in the Almighty saying : ( Shall I guide you to a trade that saves you from a painful punishment ). And whoever sees himself in an unknown market has missed a deal in it, and was awake in jihad, then martyrdom came to him, but he was a deliberate guardian, and if he was on Hajj he missed or spoiled it, and if he was seeking knowledge, he would stop him or his request for something other than God Almighty, and if there was nothing of that. He missed the Friday prayer in the mosque . And whoever saw the market full of people, or saw a fire in it, or had straw stuffed in its sides, profits and hypocrisy would come to his family . If the people of the market see sleepy, or they see the shops closed, or they see the spider weaving on them, then they are depressed . Some of them said : The market is the world, and whoever sees it wide will attain a wide world . And it was said : The market indicates turmoil and riot because of what the public gather in it . As for whoever lives in the market, it is a good guide for him . If the market was sluggish, it indicates unemployment . And markets in a dream are indicative of benefits, livelihood, and new clothes . Perhaps the markets indicated lying, immorality, worry and distress . The market indicates every major place, such as mosques and churches, and the sea that collects fish that eat each other . The market indicates to the people of abstraction to fall into the forbidden or inclination towards the world, and this may be evidence of humility . And if in the market he was mentioning God, raising his voice, indicating that he enjoins good and forbids evil . And every market has an interpretation : As for the book market, seeing it in a dream indicates guidance and repentance . Pharmacists’ market is a cure for sick people . And the fragrance market is good news, husbands and children . The sweet market is evidence of faith and Islam . And the seed market, raising it and renewing husbands, position, livelihood, and cover for matters . And the jewelry market is indicative of weddings, adornments and spouses . And the jewelery market is like something to circles of remembrance and lessons of knowledge . The market of cashiers indicates knowledge of systems and prose, wealth after poverty, and also indicates the abode of judgment . And the copper market signifies happiness, affliction, head-cracking, marriage to celibates, joys and delights . And the arms market indicates war and victory over the enemies . And the slave market, glory and good, or knowledge of strange news, and perhaps indicates the animal market . And the wool and lint market indicates benefits and livelihood . And the cotton market indicates growth and sustenance, and the emergence of truth from falsehood . And the market for Abazir is the offspring, the profits and the benefit from the cultivation . And the vegetable market indicates misery and distress to live . The fish market is livelihood, benefits, and a meeting with family and relatives . And the meat market indicates the place of war because of the blood shed therein . And the market of oil, ghee and honey indicates the rise of desires and cure of diseases . Butchers market worries and Ancad . Saddles market travel on land . And the fruit market is good deeds, science and children . The real estate market is money preservation and secrets . The wheat market is prosperity and security from fear . And the wood market hypocrisy, discrimination and meeting . And the iron market is evil, distress, discounts, misfortune, and distress, and it may indicate sustenance and benefit . And the silk market is glory, money and good work . And the wax market is repentance for the sinner and a guide for the lost . And the pumice market is travel, and it may indicate the market of animals, slaves or slaves . And the market for tents travels and may indicate the market of shrouds for the dead . And the market of Hajjamin worries and ancestors and diseases, and perhaps indicates the market witnesses . And the lead market indicates diseases with limitation . And the fund market signifies conservation, understanding and awareness . And the cooking market signifies healing from diseases and fulfilling needs . And the market for bottles indicates hypocrisy and gossip . The paper market is evidence of victory for the oppressed and revenge against the oppressor .