The farm : denotes the woman, because she plows, sows, is irrigated, carries, gives birth and suckles until harvest . And the plant is dispensed with the land, so it will give it its son or its money, and perhaps it indicates the market, and its livelihoods, profits and benefits are so abundant in plantation profits, its needs, profit and losses, and it indicates the field of war and the harvest of the spike harvested by the sword . And perhaps the world and its deeds were indicated by the group of people, their young and old, their sheikh and their elderly, because they were created from the earth, and they cursed and grew like a plantation plant, as the Almighty said : “ By God, you sprouted from the earth a plant .” The spikes in this aspect may indicate the years, months and days of the world, and Yusef al-Siddiq, peace be upon him, interpreted them in years, and they may refer to the world’s wealth, stores and landfills, to collect one spike with much love . Perhaps the farmer indicated every place where he plows for the hereafter, working for the reward and reward, such as mosques, ties, shaving the remembrance and places of alms, because God Almighty says : “ Whoever wants the hereafter, we plow more for him, and whoever plows it from the world .” Whoever plows in this world a farm, he marries his wife . If it grows, his wife will bear it . If he was single, he got married . Otherwise, his market will move and his profits will increase, and perhaps his predecessor and his teams . Otherwise, he was formed in the fighting, he gathered it if it was his intention . Whoever sees crops being reaped : If that was in a country in which there was war or the position of the executioner and the fighting, people perished in it by the sword, as is the case with what is reaped in a dream with a sickle . And if that was in a country where there is no war and that is not known in it, and the harvest from it was in the Great Mosque or among the shops or between the roofs of the role, then it is the sword of God with the plague or plague . And if that was in one of the markets, the benefits of its people increased, and happiness turned among them with the profits . And if that was in a mosque or a mosque of good, and the people were the ones who took the harvest by themselves without seeing an unknown one harvesting for them, then they are wages and good deeds that are attained by everyone who reaped . As for seeing the harvest in two acres of plowing, if that was after the sowing was complete and spiced, then it is valid in it . And if it was before its completion, then it is a pandemic in agriculture or hypocrisy in food .