The grinder

Alambqlh : Alambqlh men of people with charity, it is felt that the collection of his garden bouquet legume it collects it from the evil of his wives Qrapat and rivalry . If it is a power of lightning, then it is a harbinger for him to beware of evil, and if he knows its essence, then it returns to natures . And the nonsense of the money that is suitable for money . The most expressive people make the pulses worry and sad, and the bulgur is a man if its position is an unknown cultivator . The same applies to all plants if the origin and origin are in a house, house, or mosque, in which the plant can be canned . Because he is a man who entered the people of that place by intermarriage or partnership, and we have been informed that a man came to Saeed bin Al-Musayyib and said : I saw as if green legumes had sprouted in Aisha’s house, may God be pleased with her, and people were looking at him wondering, so Abd al-Malik bin Marawan came and uprooted that legume . Saeed bin Al-Musayyib said to him : If you believe your vision, Al-Hajjaj calls the names of the daughter of Jaafar bin Abi Talib . He suggested that Abd al-Malik feared the pilgrims’ inclination towards the household of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, for Asma, so he assigned him to divorce her, so he divorced her .