The devil

Indicates in a dream forgetfulness . A man said to Al-Hassan : O Abu Saeed, does Satan sleep, so he smiled and said : If he slept, we would have found great relief . Seeing the devil in a dream indicates a scholar who sold, or left prayer, embezzlement and acquiring sins and sins . His vision also indicates deceit, deceit, magic, envy and separation between the spouses, in analogy with his story with Adam, peace be upon him, and perhaps his vision indicated apostasy from religion because he was a servant of God Almighty, so he returned by contradicting him and expelled . Then it is in interpretation indicating the infidel king, who is equipped for soldiers and horses, God Almighty said : (And bring them with your horses and your feet ). If a person sees that he has become a devil, he is injured in his sight, or has apostatized from his religion, or lived estranged and died in distress, and provided with offspring and money, and triumphed over his enemies with deceit and deceit, and if he was worthy of the king a king, and he would command the wrong and forbid what is known . And whoever sees as if he killed the devil, then he is plotting with cunning and deceit, and if he is righteous and chaste, then he despises the matter of God Almighty .