A bird is in a dream a man with fun and stories, people laugh at him, and it indicates a male boy . And whoever sees that he slaughtered a bird, he will have a weak son that he is afraid of death . And it was said : The bird denotes a quarrelsome man, who has a lot of money, and who has the leadership of a fraudster in matters . And the bird denotes a beautiful woman . And the birds ’sounds indicate good words or a science study . And the many birds are money without fatigue for those who love them in a dream . And the bird is a great man, so whoever sees that he has hit a bird or his king, then he will be able to do a great man, and whoever sees that he slaughtered it, he will gain what he wanted from that man . If he sees that he has plucked from his feathers or ate from his flesh, then he will be hit with his money . And whoever sees that there is a bird in his hand or in his cage, then it flies and does not return to it, then his child dies . And whoever sees that he sews the eyes of birds, he deceives the boys and deceives them . And whoever sees that a bird gets into a ring, and if he has a child, then it falls into a well . And whoever saw that he was the king of many birds, he would finance and follow a mandate over a people with dangers . And birds indicate meeting, familiarity and love with family and relatives in joys or sins, defeat and separation . See also the bird .