Arafah Whoever sees in a dream that on the day of Arafah and he was absent, will return to him gladly, and if he quarrels a good person . Arafa indicates the Hajj, and perhaps Friday, and a market and a profitable trade . And whoever stood at Arafah in a dream, his rank moved from good to evil, or from evil to good, and perhaps he parted from a wife or honorable residence, and perhaps his enemy triumphed over him, even if in something of that he gained honor or honor, and he met with those who separated, and won Against his enemy, and if he was a sinner, his repentance was accepted, and if he had a hidden secret, it would appear . Perhaps standing in Arafah indicated a meeting with the beloved who was separated, for whoever stood there in the night before dawn realized what he wanted and needed, and whoever came after dawn did not realize what was wanted .