A turban is in a dream a man’s crown, his prestige, his power and his mandate . Whoever saw that his turban was lowered on his neck, he is removed from his guardianship, and likewise if it was kidnapped from above his head . If he is not, then he divorces his wife, or his money and his goodwill shall be lost . And if he sees his turban turned into gold, then his state is going, his wife, his honor, or his money . And whoever sees that a wali has uncovered him, he assumes a guardianship or marries a pious wife . And the turban is in victory . Whoever saw that he wore a turban increased leadership and industry, and if it was of pruning, more money, and if it was from wool, he gained a state and righteousness in his religion, and if it was of silk, then it is a mandate in the corruption of religion and its money is forbidden . Whoever circulated with a turban above his turban increased his status and was established in his state . The yellow turban is a head disease, and the black one will be stressed . If the king sees that his turban is like a house, and a seal is like an anklet, then he is isolated from his possession, even if he was a governor who was removed from his mandate . Turbans are crowns of Arabs . The term turban may indicate blindness or worry . And whoever prays in a dream a prayer without a turban, perhaps he doubts his ablution or a lack of his bowing and prostration, and whoever sees among the polytheists that he has a turban on his head becomes Muslim, because of what is mentioned : No difference between us and the polytheists is except for turbans on the cap . He who was afraid of a ruler, and saw him in a dream with a good turban, dreamed of him, and was safe from his evil .