Companions of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace

Whoever saw them in his sleep with good qualities, that was evidence of his good belief in them and his followers of their Sunnah . Perhaps their vision indicated the movements of soldiers and sending missions . Perhaps it indicated the spread of knowledge, enjoining good and forbidding evil . Their vision also indicates familiarity, love, brotherhood, help, and safety from enmity and envy, and the removal of prejudices, because they were, God pleased with them, for that . If the visionary is poor, he becomes rich because they are, may God be pleased with them, conquer the states . And if the seeker is rich, he will choose the Hereafter on the world and spend his life and money on the pleasure of God Almighty . And their vision, may God be pleased with them, indicates honorable buildings such as mosques and the purity of lineage, tribes and clans . Their turning away from the seer or insulting him in a dream indicates falling into trees among them, and preferring some of them to others, and their hatred for him, and their vision indicates repentance and giving up on anything but God Almighty . Their vision, may God be pleased with them, indicates goodness and blessing according to their homes and their well-known values ​​in their path and path . Perhaps seeing each of them indicated what was revealed to him and what was in his days of sedition or justice . And whoever sees that he is crowded with the companions of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he is one of those who seek integrity in religion . And whoever sees one of the Companions, let him interpret for him the derivation, such as Saad and Saeed, then he will be happy . Perhaps he had a share of his biography and actions . And whoever sees any of them alive, or that all of them are alive, his visions indicate the strength of religion, and indicate that the visionary attains glory and honor and is supreme . If he sees as if he has become one of them, he will experience hardships and then the nail will be soft . And if he sees them repeatedly in his sleep, his livelihood is narrow . As for the Ansar and their children and grandchildren, seeing them in a dream indicates repentance and forgiveness . Seeing immigrants indicates good certainty and confidence in God Almighty, departure from this world and asceticism in it, and honesty in speech and action .