For forgiveness

Forgiveness denotes forgiveness in a dream on the capacity of livelihood . And whoever seeks forgiveness without praying this indicates an increase in life . Perhaps the forgiveness indicated victory and the payment of misfortune . And whoever sees that he asks God’s forgiveness, then God will forgive him and provide him with money, children, servants, and paradise, who will fail . If he saw that he was silent about seeking forgiveness, he is a hypocrite . If a woman sees someone who says to her : Ask for forgiveness, then she commits adultery . And whoever sees it as if he seeks forgiveness from God Almighty, he will provide permissible money and a child . If he sees it as if he has finished praying and then seeks forgiveness from God Almighty and points him to the direction of the qiblah, then his supplication is answered, and if it is to the direction other than the qiblah, he is guilty of a sin and repents from it .