Secret group

A secret group If you dreamed of any secret group, this indicates a sensitive and excited body, and the owner of this body must nurture practical and unselfish ideas, and it may soon have the opportunity to enjoy honest pleasures and desirable moral superiorities . There is an imagination of selfish friendships fond of conspiring to join a secret group . Young women should heed their advice or guardians lest they fall into shameful habits after this dream . If a girl meets the leader of the group, she should strongly and morally upright oppose the temptations that were raised brilliantly and prominently in front of the joiners of her gender . As for her, if she believes that her mother has joined the congregation, and that she is doing her utmost to make her mother disguise himself when she devoted herself to him, then this means that she will be full of love towards her parents, and yet she will squeeze their hearts with excruciating pain as a result of reckless disobedience . But if you see or hear that the leader of the group has died, then this predicts severe tensions and the tests will end in a relatively good way .