Seeing silver

And whoever sees that he has hit a silver pit, then he hits a woman or a slave-girl, and whoever thinks that he has vessels of silver or unknown dirhams in any of the vessels, then he conceals secretly or deposits money and belongings, and if he sees that he paid it to someone else, then he deposits it secretly or money and whoever thinks that he has hit a dirham if it is Fresh white, it hits dirhams in wakefulness as he saw it, and if it was black, then it is clamor and strife and it was said and whoever saw that a dirham was lost for him then he complains about his son or something he hates for him and if he sees that he was taken away from him or a dirham was gone from him, his son died and whoever saw that he hit money then Noisy and mean words, and if he knows their number, then it is lighter and easier for him and whoever sees that he melts silver, then he is like someone who melts gold, but it is lighter