Seeing the ring

And whoever sees that he was given a ring to be sealed with, then he possesses something that he has never owned, and whoever sees that it is sealed with a white silver ring, then a righteous child will be born to him, and if he is red, his child is corrupt, and if he is black, he will prove to be humiliating and humiliating, and if he sees that he has hit a ring while he is in a mosque, prayer or worship He owns a woman, and if he is powerful, then he hits a high, or a merchant, he will make a profit. And whoever sees that he was given a gold ring, then he is like gold, some of what he owns will go away from him or a ruler will be angry with him. Aquamarine, he lives long, and whoever sees that his ring has been taken away from him, then his authority is removed from him, and if he sees that he is lost, then what he hates enters upon him, and if he sees that it is broken or fallen, then it indicates that his status has fallen or his money is gone or he leaves his wife with death or life or near his deadline or death His son, and if the woman sees that, then it is the death of her husband, and whoever sees that the clove of his ring has fallen, then the face of his authority and his presence shall be removed