Hell: Whoever sees in a dream that he has entered Hell, then he commits major sins . If he comes out of it without being disliked, he falls into the worries of this world . And whoever sees the fire approaching, he will fall into the distress and ordeal of a ruler, and he will not be spared from it, and he will be hit by a fine and gross loss, and he is a harbinger for him to repent and return from what is in him, and if he enters it, then he will bring about the major sins and immoralities that God Almighty has enjoined upon him the limit. He speaks immorality and evil . And if he sees that he entered it with a smile, then he is corrupt, tyranny, and disobeys God Almighty . If he sees that he is still locked up in Hell, then he is still in this world poor and deprived, he does not pray or fast and does not mention God Almighty . And if he saw that he ate from Zaqqum Hell and its bosom and its pus, then he will gain iniquity and shed blood, and his affairs intensify against him . And whoever sees that he is black-faced and blue-eyed in Hell, then he will accompany the enemy of God Almighty, and he will be humiliated and blackened his face among people, and God Almighty will punish him in the hereafter with his wrongdoing . And whoever sees Hell in his sleep in person, let him beware of the Sultan or of the wrath of the Most Merciful . And whoever sees as if he has entered Hell, then he will be clear of every sin that he did not repent from, and if he sees that he has come out of Hell then he will repent from the sins, so if he drinks from its drink or ate from its food, he is still committing sins or is seeking knowledge that becomes a disaster for him . And hell in a dream is a sign of the demise of the position in this world, and perhaps it indicates poverty after wealth, loneliness after mankind, falling into adversity, permanent imprisonment, and shame in this world . If she indicates the wife, she was a troublemaker wife, and if she indicates the livelihood, her earnings are forbidden, and if she indicates the house, it is next to the people of immorality and negligence . If it indicates sickness, its consequence is death with a bad end, and if it indicates service it is with an unjust authority, and if it indicates knowledge it is heresy, and if it indicates work it was an unacceptable act, and if it indicates the child he was a child of fornication . And the entry of Hell may indicate the same question after wealth, and it indicates the house of heresy and immorality, the church, sales, fire houses, pigeons, tannery, slaughterhouses, and furnaces that are used to kindle fire for a benefit, and their entry indicates victory with desires . Likewise, al-Hatimah, and al-Hatata may be the one who thinks al-Hamz, al-Malaz and al-Majmiyyah, and Jhannam for the infidels and the hypocrites . And Saqr denotes leaving the truth, and delving into what does not mean, and denying the Day of Judgment . And the price of demons and those who create their morals . And the abyss is a sign of underestimation in measure and balance, or for those whose scales are lightened and do not burden them with good deeds . And Hell is for those who dominate and prefer the life of this world, and the lower grasp of the masters of hypocrisy, if he eats her head or drank those who wash her, or her scorpions bite him, or her life strikes him, or his skin changes to the skins of her people, or he is pulled on his face, or is turned back from ascending on his head, or struck in its place Or, its clientelists denounced it, for all this and the like is evidence of innovations in religion, the participation of the oppressors, adherence to the laws of the disbelievers, the creation of the morals of the polytheists and the scorners, the contradiction of the prophets and the abandonment of the pious, the apostasy of religion, the miserliness of God’s money from the deserving, and the disobedience of the Lord of the worlds, or the denial of his lordship and his power And likening him to his creation, may He be glorified and exalted, and seeing the owner of the keeper of fire is an indication of whoever moved in his capacity or fed him something good on love for God Almighty and His Messenger and for the believers and the Sultan, and on the distance from hypocrisy and relinquishment from sins, sins and whims after misguidance, and jealousy in religion, if he saw the treasurer, peace be upon him, coming to him He indicates his safety and security from his fire, and if he sees him turning away from him, or changing him in his face, he indicates that he has occurred in what necessitates his fire . And the treasury of Hell are the trustees, custodians, soldiers, assistants, police owners, parents and relatives . And whoever saw that Malik took his side and threw him into the fire, then his vision necessitates humiliation for him . If he sees that he has entered Hell and exited from it, then he will enter Heaven, God willing, or he will commit a sin and repent from it . And if he sees his body parts speaking to him, then it is evidence of rebuke for sins, and alertness to the matter of the Hereafter .