Abdul-Muttalib’s vision of the departure of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace

On the authority of Abu Bakr bin Abdullah bin Abi Al-Jahm, on the authority of his father on the authority of his grandfather, he said : I heard Abu Talib speaking on the authority of Abd al-Muttalib said : While I was asleep in the stone, I saw a vision that struck me, and I was terrified of it, so I came to the Quraish priest at the end of the prick and my socket hit my shoulders, so when I looked at I knew In my face the change, and I am at that time the master of my nation , and she said : Our master Mabal has come to us with a change of color. Have you seen anything from the two events of the age? So I said : Yes , and no one spoke to her until he kissed her right hand and then puts his hand on the mother of her head and then mentioned his need, and I did not do it because I was a great nationalist , so I sat and said : I saw tonight while I was sleeping in the stone as if a tree had grown its head had reached the sky and struck its bright branches And the Maghrib and I saw no blossoming light from it was seventy times greater than the light of the sun, and I saw Arabs and non-Arabs prostrating to it as it increased every hour in strength , light and height , an hour hid and an hour blossoming, and I saw a band of Quraysh clinging to its branches, and I saw people from the Quraysh wanting to cut it. The face was better than him, and the wind was not better than him, so he broke their ribs and pulled out their eyes, so I raised my hand to take a portion of it, so the young man stopped me, so I said : Who is the share? He said : The share is for those who clung to her and preceded you to her , and I noticed in panic and panicked , and I saw the priestess’s face had changed, then she said : If you believe your vision, they will come out of your heart, a man who owns the East and the West and owes people to him , then he said to Abu Talib : Perhaps you will be this newborn . He said : So it was Abu Talib This hadith occurs and the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him , has gone out and says : “ The tree was. ” And God knows best Abu al-Qasim al-Amin , so it is said to him : Do you not believe in it? He says : ( Insult and shame ).