Teeth fall out

Indicates in a dream his longevity without his age counterparts . If he sees that all his teeth have fallen out, he will live a long life . And if he sees that all his teeth have fallen out and he no longer sees them, then his household will die before him or get sick . And whoever sees that his upper teeth have fallen into his hand, then it is money that becomes his, and if it falls in his lap, then he is a male boy, and if it falls to the ground, then it is a misfortune of death . And whoever sees that his lower teeth have fallen out, he will suffer pain and pain, illusion and anguish . And whoever owes a debt if his teeth fall out in a dream, this indicates that he is fulfilling his debt . And if he sees that one of his teeth has fallen out, he will pay off all of his debts at once . And if all his teeth fall out, everyone in that house and his friends will perish . And whoever sees that his teeth fall out while he takes them in his hand, this indicates the death of children . And it was said : Whoever saw his teeth falling out indicated harm to some of his friends . If he sees that his fold has fallen, then he benefits a son or a brother or a sister . And the loss of a single tooth if it was not treated and he took it by his hand, and if he was pregnant, a son came to him, otherwise he would be in favor of a brother or relative who had cut it . And it was said : The falling of the teeth indicates an obstacle that hinders him from what he wants . It was said : It is evidence of debt elimination . And if he took what fell from his teeth, he might have spoken a mistake and regretted it and kept it secret . And perhaps the loss of teeth indicated to the masters of jihadists on the necessity of nothingness . And whoever sees that his teeth have fallen out and he is unable to eat, he will lack .