See a mirror

And whoever sees that he has hit a mirror and does not look in his face in it, then he will obtain what he hates in his face in people. If he looks at it, there is no good in it, and if he is of authority, he will soon see his place like him, except if the mirror is again or zero or something like that, then he will strike a boy a boy, and if not He waits for a son and he is a sultan or a worker, then he is isolated and sees someone else in his place, and if not so then he leaves his wife and it was said that whoever saw a mirror with his hand he looked in, then his concern goes away, and if a woman sees that she is looking in a mirror without silver, if she is pregnant, she gives birth to a slave girl like her, and whoever sees that he looks in a mirror An Indian woman dies for a male child, and if he has a pregnant woman, then what is in her womb is the dead