Bird’s meat

Poultry meat : if it is cooked or grilled, a livelihood and money from deception and treachery on the part of a woman . If he is immature, then he is backbiting and abusing a woman . If he sees as if he is eating fowl meat that it is not permissible to eat, then he is eating from the money of a people of dark and cunning . And it was said that eating chicken and goose meat is good for all people, because chicken meat indicates a benefit on the part of the women who are special to it, and that chicken is similar to women in childbirth and walking, and geese indicate a benefit that is made by men who are mortgaged . And chicken birds grilled or fried money in fatigue . Whoever sees that he eats raw chick, he is backbiting the household of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, or the noblest of people . If the chicks of birds are of various kinds that are not eaten from bird lions, then he offends the children of Sultans or commits immorality from them . And birds whose meat is eaten, they benefit from the estate of one thousand dirhams to six thousand dirhams, because they have six members : a head, two wings, two legs and a tail .