The sacrifice in a dream is evidence of fulfillment of a vow, deliverance from adversity, and safety of the patient . Perhaps this indicates the livelihood and benefits of livestock . If in a dream he approached a camel, perhaps it came to Friday in the first hour, and if he was near a cow, it might come to Friday in the second hour, and if he approached a ram, it might come to Friday in the third hour, and if he brought a chicken in a dream, he might come to Friday in the fourth hour, and if he brought it closer In a dream, an egg may have come to Friday in the fifth hour . And perhaps the sacrifice indicated control over the division of money . As for the sacrifice, it is a good news of relief from all worries, and the appearance of blessing. If the visionary is a pregnant woman, she will give birth to a good son, and whoever sees that he sacrificed a camel, cow, or ram, then free a neck . And whoever sees that he is a sacrifice while he is a slave, he shall be freed . If the visionary was a captive, then he would get rid of the families . And if a debtor sees him, his debt shall be paid, and if he is poor, he will get rich, and if he is afraid, he is safe . And whoever sees it as if he is dividing the meat of his sacrifice among the people, he will be freed from his worries, and he will receive glory and honor . And whoever sees it as if he has stolen something from the sacrament, then he is lying to God Almighty . Some of the expressers said : If the patient sees that he is sacrificing, his vision indicates his death . Some of them said : that he is cured .