the doctor

In a dream, he is a scholar, just as a mufti and a jurist is a doctor . If he sees that a doctor treated him, his body is healed . The doctor is the mother of a person, and whoever dies his doctor his mother will die, and if the doctor enters the patient, he will recover from his illness, and if he enters the healthy person, a disease, especially if he prescribes something beneficial in a dream . Perhaps seeing the doctor indicated the removal of the caches, like a container that takes the enemies out of their holes . Perhaps seeing the doctor indicated the sweeper, the remover, the goader, the lazer, and the news spy . And whoever saw that he had become a doctor, he attained a high position . And the doctor denotes every reformer and healer of religious and worldly matters, such as the jurist and the ruler, the preacher and the polite, and the tanner who fixes the skin of animals, and indicates cupping because of the healing . And whoever sees a doctor among the shrouds, let him beware of him . And whoever sees a doctor who has become a tanner for leather is evidence of his cleverness and the large number of people who heal on his hands unless he sees that his tanning is corrupt, then he is ignorant and defiled .