Hashish : is the coexistence of animals and cattle, and it is like the money of the world from which every person gets what his Lord has divided and made his livelihood for him, because he returns meat, milk, butter, ghee, honey, wool, hair and lint, so it is like money in which the strength of people is . Perhaps the prairie refers to every place that gains the world, gets from it, gets known from it, and is attributed to it, such as the house of money and the market . The Nawwir, in particular, may indicate the exchange market, goldsmiths and places of gold . It was narrated that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, interpreted the meadow with the world and its greenness, and that he, peace be upon him, said : The world is a sweet green. Sweetness, everything that falls on the mouths of camels indicates what is permissible, and every acid in it indicates what is forbidden and what affects them, swindling and bitterness . And what is from the plant is a medicine to be treated with, it is outside of money and livelihood, and indicates science, wisdom and sermons, and it may indicate pure lawful money . And if it is sour in taste, then its acidity is due to the distress and strife in its attainment and fatigue . Whatever it was a deadly poisonous one, it indicated forbidden misfortune, taking the world by religion, the doors of usury, innovation and whims, and everything that comes out of the mouths and enters them from the worst . But if he saw endive : and fold Kalksberh : and the like of women with bitterness, heat, Vhmum and sorrows and money is haram . It has been said that when Adam fell to the ground and fell in India, his scent hung on a tree while he was sad and cried on himself . It may indicate his worries in the Hereafter, and the reward is with the jewels of Paradise, which are added to it without coriander and caraway and the like . Whatever sprouted from the earth was mentioned in the prohibition in the book or the Sunnah, or a reason that was blameworthy in the old days, it indicates the ability in speech and livelihood, such as dumplings, wood, garlic, cucumber, lentils and onions, and what the plant has a name that dominates in its derivation, meaning stronger than its nature Or, a supporter of its essence was carried on it, like mint from which the obituary and obituary are derived, even though it is a legume . As well as the islands, which are Alsnar in regret and fire . Whatever plants grow without seeds and have no roots on the ground, such as truffles and mushrooms, it indicates among the people a foundling, pregnancy, and the offspring of fornication, and those who do not know their lineage, and the money indicates the seed, donation, charity and so on . Whoever sees it as if he is in a meadow or hashish that he can collect or eat, then I look at his situation, and if he is poor he gets rich, and if he is rich he has increased rich, and if he is an ascetic in this world wanting it, then he returns to it and is fascinated by it . If he moved from a meadow to a meadow, he traveled in the pursuit of the world and moved from one market to another and from one industry to another .