Leather is a man’s jacket, and I left him with his money in his life and death . And whoever sees in a dream as if his skin is flayed as a sheep is flayed, then it indicates his death if he was sick, and if he was free from diseases then it is poor and it is revealed . Fatness in the body is the strength of religion and faith . If he sees his body as a snake’s body, then he shows what conceals enmity . And the skin is a protection for humans and others, and a person is about his father and mother, his power and money, his home and his clothes, his wife and his land, his well-being and his sickness, his expression and his faith . The flogging of a person may refer to his enemy and his friend who sleeps over it, for he will testify against its owner on the Day of Resurrection . Perhaps the skin indicates patience and stubbornness in matters . Whoever sees his skin beautifully in a dream indicates goodness, comfort, and healing from diseases . If he is dead and his skin is seen fine, he indicates that he is in the bliss of Paradise, and if he sees it as thick or black, he indicates that he is in torment . And darkening of the skin in a dream indicates leaving religion . To whom is a gift a Nubian boy is given a lamb of charcoal . And whoever sees black women supervising him, the good that he oversees for seeing them is many honorable, but they are of the enemy . And blush . In interpretation, relevance and relief . And it was said : If it was white with the red, the owner would gain glory . And zero . Color is satisfactory . And whoever is black and sees in a dream that he is white, he will suffer weakness, humiliation and distress . If he sees that his body and face are red, then he will be long carefree . The skins of other animals are an inheritance . And it was said : Leather houses that belong to it . And if the king flakes the skins of people, then he oppresses them, and takes their money . And whoever strips the skin of a poet, he steals his hair from him .