the light

The Light : After the darkness, for those who saw it to the public, if they were in trial or confusion, they will be guided, and sedition will give birth to them, and if they have an injustice that will go away from them, and if they are in hunchback, rejoice on their behalf, drink and fertilize . It indicates the unbeliever to Islam, the sinner to repentance, the poor to the rich, the celibate over the wife, and the pregnant woman to give birth to a boy, unless he was confined to her tent, or put him in her dress, or put him in her pocket, and he gave birth to her a beautiful veiled slave girl . As for night and day, they are two powers, who seek one another . And the night is an infidel, and the day is a Muslim, because it goes in darkness, and God Almighty expressed in his book about disbelief with darkness, and about his religion with light, and they may indicate the two opponents and the two cohorts, and perhaps the night indicates rest, and the day indicates fatigue and swindling . Perhaps the night indicated marriage, and the day indicated divorce, and perhaps the night indicated depression and the holiday of craftsmen and travelers, and the day indicated the hypocrisy of markets and prices, and perhaps night indicated imprisonment because it prevents acting with its darkness, and the day indicates the lamp, salvation and salvation, and perhaps the night indicates the sea, and the day indicates the Righteousness .