If the eggs are in a place or in a bowl, then it indicates women or neighborhood . Whoever sees that his chickens lay down, he will have a son . If he sees that he ate raw eggs, then he is eating forbidden money, or fornication, or they befall him . If he sees eggs in his hand, then his wife becomes like the dead . If he sees that his wife has ovulated, then she will give birth to an unbeliever son, and if he sees that he incubated a white chicken, then the chickens stand from him, then a dead matter lives for him, it may be difficult for him, and a believer son will be born to him . He may have more children than the number of chicks . If the eggs hit a blow and his wife is pregnant, he wants to marry his neighbor, but he cannot . If he sees that he has a lot of white, then he has money and belongings that he fears will spoil . And parrot eggs a pious maid . And whoever sees that he has boiled eggs in his hand, then a matter that has been long and difficult for him is suitable for him, and he will obtain money by fixing it, and a dead matter will live for him, and if he consumes the money of a woman or is extravagant with it, then if he eats it, he will marry a rich woman . And the eggs of cranes are poor children . And whoever sees that he gave an egg to him, he has an honorable son, and if the egg breaks, his child will die . And whoever sees that he eats egg shells, then he is a man who digs graves and robs the dead . And eggs are a lot for the single, married, and married children . Young girls are white, and adults are boys . And eggs denote gold and silver, for its whiteness is silver, and its yolk is gold . And eggs denote children, husbands and slaves, and may indicate graves . Perhaps the eggs indicated a meeting with family, relatives and loved ones . Perhaps it indicated the collection and saving of dirhams and dinars . And whoever sees eggs being burned in a place like dung is burned, it indicates the captivity of the women of that place .