In a dream, it is a contrived speech, because the strings utter the same thing, and if the visionary is religious and devout, then that is a good praise, and if he is not a religious person, then it is a bad praise for himself, and he is a liar . And linking in a dream is worldly and void . And its click indicates a king or honorable one who has disturbed his possession and pride . Whenever he remembers his king, he gets upset . And whoever sees that he plays the band in his house, it is a calamity, and he is attacked by a man who is the chief of the owners of falsehood . And whoever sees that he hits something at the door of the imam from the cabarets without the zigr, such as the oud, the tanboor, and the cymbals, he will attain the mandate and authority if he is qualified for that . And whoever saw that he was hit with a strap, he got a kind of grief . And the link indicates the desires of people and their vanities . If he thinks that an instrument or a drum is tied, then it is a calamity that the people of that place will suffer .