Did not nailed to Mecca Samer

Was he not nailed to Makkah Samer 112 – on the authority of Thamamah bin Ashars, he said : He spent a night with Jaafar bin Yahya bin Khalid , so he watched from his sleep crying falsely so I said : What is your business? He said : I saw an old man came he went Bedadta this door and said : if he had not been among the Pilgrimage to Safa Anis was nailed in Mecca Samer said , and I answered : but we were her family Votanjun Sarruf nights and grandparents Alawair Thamama said : When the night was midwife killed by Rasheed and set up his head on the bridge and then went out Al-Rasheed looked at him and looked at it, then he started to say : Your litigation is over the past, and your livelihood is disturbed after the row, so do not dough, because time depends on dispersing what is a thousand