The vision of Abdullah bin Al-Zubayr that he kills

Abdullah bin Al-Zubayr’s vision that he kills 61 – On the authority of Amr bin Habib bin Qula’a, he said : I was sitting with Saeed bin Al-Musayyib one day, and things became too narrow for me and I was exhausted by a debt, so I sat to Ibn al-Musayyib, I don’t know where to go. A man came to him and said : O Abu Muhammad, I saw a vision. : What? He said : I saw Kanye took Abdul Malik bin Marwan Voddjath to the ground and then Btahth Vootdt in the back Orah Awtad, said : What you saw her, he said : I saw her wear, said : do not tell you or tell me, he said : Ibn al – Zubayr saw which sent me to you, he said : If his visions were true, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan was killed and four of them came out from the body of Abd al-Malik, all of whom would be caliph. He said : I went to Abd al-Malik in the Levant, and I told him about that on the authority of Saeed bin Al-Musayyib. He interpreted him and asked me about Saeed and about his condition, so I told him and he ordered me to pay off a debt and I suffered from it . And what he saw was achieved, as Abd al-Malik bin Marawan al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf al-Thaqafi sent and killed bin al-Zubayr and crucified him, then came to power after the rule, Abd al-Malik bin Marwan, four of his sons .