A vision of her father’s treasure

A vision of her father’s treasure 81 – He said : A man told me that I don’t think of it as a lie. He said : A woman from the people of this world hired me to demolish her house and build it with a known money. So when I took the demolition, she and whoever was with her was obliged to do so, so I said : By God, I have my money in this house, but my father died and was left We did not find much for him, so I was afraid that his money was buried, so I proceeded to demolish the house in order to find something. Some of the people who attended said to her : You have missed what is easier for you than this . She said : What is it? He said : So if you go to a machine and ask him if I will bring you your story tonight, so perhaps he will see your father and tell you where his money is, without fatigue or cost, so I went to him and then returned and claimed that he wrote her name and her father’s name with him. When he came from the next day to work and the woman came from the man and said : The man told me I saw Your father saying the money in the recess , he said : So we made digging under the recess and its sides until a crack came to me, and if the money was in it , he said : We took in astonishment and the woman underestimated what I found and said : My father’s money was more than this, but I went back to him , so she went and I told him then I asked him to return . it was tomorrow came and said : he told her that your father tells you Ahfra under Jabiya quadrangle that in the oil store , said : she opened the store . If Bjabah square the in corner Vazlnaha and dug beneath it and found Cozza great Vokzth then as long as their greed for recidivism and I did so she went back from him , and the gloom She said : He claimed that he saw him while telling him, “I took what was destined for her.” As for what remained, a goblin from the jinn sat on him guarding me from him.