The garland

Ring Whoever sees a collar in his neck in a dream is miserly . And the ring is the woman’s good to her husband, and something from his money falls into her hand . And the ring for her husband’s woman . If it is of silver and it is wide, then the husband is generous, haleem, rich, and if it is thin, it indicates his poor condition, and if it is of iron, then it is strong, and if there is wood in it, then the man is a hypocrite . If a person is surrounded and he is a merchant, then he is profitable and worthy, and if the ring is weak and he is a scholar, then he conceals knowledge . And if he buys a slave girl with a silver collar on her neck, he is doing a profitable business . And it was said : The collar is a corruption in religion and wearing it indicates miserliness, the king, the child, and the trust .