The female

The female is the place of the hair plant . The two females may refer to the spouses, the parents, or the eyebrows at the door . Perhaps it indicates the money bag, or the guardians who are not valid to marry except with them . Perhaps the testis indicated the pomegranate . And whoever sees that his testicles have been severed, or that he is disliked in them, then his enemies will gain victory over him as much as he has obtained from his testicles . And it was said : Only males are born to him . And it was said : He inherits money from blood money . And whoever sees that his testicles have grown large for him, he will be preserved, so that his enemies will not reach him badly . And it was said : There are many female offspring . And whoever sees that his testicles are in the hands of his enemies, his enemies will reach him as much . The testicles may indicate female relatives, such as two sisters, two daughters, two wives, or a mother and aunt, so what happened in them is an accident in one of them . If he saw his testicles severed, if he had two patients, she died, and if he had two wives, they died or left them . The testicles may indicate the money, and if he sees them cut off, then he is required with money that he took from him two thousand or two hundred or two dinars, and if he did not have any of that, his offspring would be cut off, and his livelihood was not possible, and the blessing of God was taken from him . And whoever sees his left testicle extracted from him, his child will die, and no child has been born to him, and if he sees that he gave it with goodness from him, then a child will be born to him . And the testicles may indicate pursuit and movements . The testicle indicates what a person sleeps on from his bed or pillow from under his head . If the woman sees that she has two females, she may have conceived twins . And if a man sees that his testicles have been cut off from a disease with lion or fox disease, and perhaps he divorced his wife, sold his slave girl, lost his children, split his out, his sack, or his bag and lost his money, and if he was outrageous, his weight would cease .