With bird’s help

A bird’s sickness is the despicable one of the birds, and seeing it in a dream indicates a people who have no creatures and useless in them . And seeing this pain indicates fun, play, joys, delights, and victory over the enemies . Seeing the rulers of the Sultanate from birds in a dream is evil, distressed and foolish . Seeing what a person is comfortable with is evidence of husbands and children, and seeing that which is not affectionate with a human is an evidence of intercourse with opposites and non-Arabs . And seeing Alkasir evidence of monsters and air . And seeing the delayed, glory and power, benefits and sustenance . Seeing what is eaten meat is an easy benefit . And seeing the masculine of the bird is male, and the feminine is women . And the unknown people are strangers, and see what is good and bad in relief after hardship, or is easy after hardship . Seeing what appears both day and night is evidence of the boldness and the intensity of the request . Seeing what appears at night and dwells during the day indicates protection . Seeing what is evil and without good indicates the enemies . And what is good without evil, his vision indicates security from fear and lawful livelihood . Seeing what appears in the fire and dwells at night indicates the retirement of various jobs and spying on the news . Seeing what has no value in waking up if it has value in a dream indicates hypocrisy and consuming money unlawfully, and vice versa . Seeing what does not fly when it flew in a dream indicates breaking the covenant and immorality and vice versa, seeing what appears at a time without time, and if it appeared at an untimely time, it was evidence of putting things out of place or different from enemies and strange news, and to delve into what does not concern people . Seeing a resident in the water is people who earn money from it, or people of piety and purity, and this is a general saying about birds – a measure of what is not mentioned -.