Fadl El Shafei and Ahmed

Fadl al-Shafi’i and Ahmad 72 – On the authority of Abu Bakr Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Ramli, the judge of Damascus, he said : I entered Iraq and wrote the books of its people and the people of Hijaz, and from the great number of them I did not know which of them I would take. When the inner part of the night was taking, I performed ablution and prayed two rak’ahs and said : Oh God, guide me to what you love, then I went to my bed So I saw the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – while he saw the sleeper entering from the Bani Sheba Gate and leaning his back to the Kaaba, so I saw Al-Shafi’i and Ahmed bin Hanbal Ali on the right of the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – and the Prophet smiling at them . Al-Muraisi preached on the one hand, so I said : O Messenger of God, because of their great differences, I do not study which of them I take, so he went to al-Shafi’i and Ahmad and said : ( Those to whom we have given the Book, the Ruling and Prophethood ). Surat Al-An’am, verse 89, then he turned to human beings and said : ( If these disbelieve it, then we have entrusted people with it who are not unbelievers, those whom God has guided, so follow him by them ) (1). Surat Al-An’am, Al-Eitan 89 , 90