Ice If you dream of the good, this heralds great disaster and bad guys will seek to harm you when the business is booming . If you dream of ice floating in a stream of clear water, this means that your happiness will be tainted by a sour mood and jealous friends . If you dream that you are walking on ice, you run the risk of placing fleeting pleasures over luxury and respect . If a girl walks on ice, this is a warning to her that only a thin curtain is hiding her from the scandal . If you see icicles on the eaves of houses, then this means misery and the need for rest . And this dream tells about ill health . If you see haemorrhages on the fence, this means physical and mental pain . If you see them in the trees, then disappointed hopes will arouse sorrow . If you see it on evergreen plants, a bright future awaits you, with the honor of distorting suspicion . If you dream that you are making ice, you will find failure in your life because of selfishness and self-love . Eating ice predicts disease . If you drink frozen water it will bring ill health due to waste . Bathing in freezing water means that an unforeseen event permeates the waiting period .