the moon

The moon is in a dream a just king, a big scientist, or a liar . He who sees the moon in his lap will get married . If a woman sees that the moon has fallen in her house, and she takes some of it and wraps it in a rag, she will give birth to a son and he dies . If he sees the moon walking in front of the sun, the minister goes out to the king . And if an unbeliever woman saw that the moon in her lap became Muslim . If he sees that the moon is on Earth, then it is the death of his mother . And the sun and the moon are Apuan . And whoever looks at the moon and sees the example of his face in it, then he will die, and if he has a pregnant woman, then he will give good news to a male child . And if the king sees that the moon has gone dark, his flock will harm him . If he sees that the moon has become the sun, then he will obtain honor or good and money from his father or wife . And the moon indicates the seer’s wife and his parents, daughter, sister, business, or work . And indicates the ship because the sailors pursue in the sea according to the course of the moon . It also indicates travel because it is always in motion . Seeing the moon for the patient indicates perishing, and whoever sees the moon with clouds, it indicates illness, or money has gone, and whoever sees that the moon talks to him will attain the presidency . And if the pregnant woman saw that the moon was in her lap, she put a boy . Because she saw the moon in a place that she cannot reach, for she desires the male boy but does not obtain it . And whoever sees that he prostrates to the sun or the moon, he commits a grave sin or obeys a king or a minister in vain . And whoever sees the sun and moon prostrate to him, then his parents are satisfied with him . And whoever saw the moon split, it may indicate the minister’s or king’s destruction . And whoever sees that the moon has turned into a vice, then the minister is isolated . Perhaps his vision indicated diseases by cold and humidity, just as the sun indicates heat . Perhaps the moon is indicated by Anees and Almnadm . Perhaps the moon indicates gambling, and indicates the right and the oath, because God Almighty says : ( No, and the moon ). Or perhaps his vision indicated a cure for the pain of the eye. If he saw the moon split, he indicated the emergence of a verse for the Almighty saying : ( The hour has come and the moon has split apart ). And seeing the moon in the nights of the crescent full moon is a valid guide . Perhaps the moon pointed to the world with the stars . And whoever sees him in a dream in the sign of Aries is a valid guide to meeting the elders, and perhaps he is a bad one . And if he saw him in Taurus and was hoping to travel on land, that would be bad . And if he saw it in Gemini, he was reprehensible for possessing the temple, valid for buying livestock . If he saw him in Cancer, he was fit for marriage . If he saw him in Leo, he was blamed for the company and the mixing of money . If he saw it in the spike, he would have been fit to empty the body . And if he saw it in the balance, it was so bad . If he saw it in a scorpion, he would be fit to enjoy the pigeons badly for travel . And if he saw it in the arch, it was inferior to plant trees . And if he saw it in Capricorn, he was poor for laying the foundation . If he saw it in the bucket, it was poor to carry out all other movements . If he saw it in the whale, it was good for holding brigades and allegiances . And whoever sees the sun, moon, and stars gathered together in the position of their orbit, then it is acceptable to say to the king, otherwise it is a misfortune for him . And if he sees a sun and a moon on his right, left, front and back, then it is a calamity, fear, or defeat, because God Almighty says : (And the sun and moon are gathered, then man says that day where is the escape ) See also the sky, and see the sun .