Do you carry out the commandment of the dead through visions?

Do you carry out the commandment of the dead through visions? This is a question frequently asked by callers or visitors to the site, and perhaps the simplest thing to say here is; I say : The implementation of the commandments through visions has been proven, based on the story of Thabit bin Qais bin Shammas, and it was one of the companions’s choice, may God be pleased with them, and it has been proven that the Holy Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said to him : O Thabit, do you not accept to live benevolent and kill a martyr and enter Heaven ? . Malik, one of the narrators of the hadith, said : Thabit bin Qais was killed on the Day of Yamama as a martyr . And the story of Thabit bin Qais mentioned by Ibn al-Qayyim in the Book of the Spirit, he said : When the day of al-Yamamah was the war against the apostates, Thabit went out with Khalid bin Al-Walid to fight Musaylimah, and when they met and were exposed, Thabit and Salim, the master of Abu Hudhayfah, said : This is how we were fighting with the Messenger of God. Then each one dug a pit and stood and killed until they were killed, and upon Thabit that day a shield for him was precious, and a Muslim man passed by him and took her, and while a Muslim man was sleeping as he came to him in his sleep – that is, a fixed one – then he said to him : I will give you a commandment, so you should not say this is a dream that you lose, I am When I was killed, a Muslim man passed by me and took my shield, and his house was at the far end of the people, and at its hide a stallion horse – that is to run with joy and activity – and he was sufficient on the shield with a twine – that is, a number of stones – and above the twine he left – which was placed on the back of an animal to ride – so I came to immortal So he should be sent to Deri and take it, and if Medina came before the successor of the Messenger of God, meaning Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, then say to him : I have such-and-such from religion, and so-and-so of my class is old . So the man came to be immortal, so he told him, and he sent to the shield, and he brought it and found it as he told them in the vision under the twine, and then the Persians as him, and Abu Bakr approved the rest of his will . Ibn Abd al-Barr and other ancients, as well as Sheikh Muhammad bin Uthaymeen from the hadiths, may God have mercy on him, said : Abu Bakr authorized his will for the existence of clues that indicate its sincerity . Ibn Abd al-Barr said : We do not know of anyone whose will was approved after his death, not fixed bin Qais, may God have mercy on him . As the noble reader notes, Khalid bin Al-Walid, Abu Bakr and the Companions agreed with him to implement this vision and implement what was stated in it . But Abu Bakr, the Holy Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said about him : My years and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided Caliphs should be upon you …. Etc. Hadith, and he is one of the merit, status and knowledge among the Companions in particular and Muslims in general, and his diligence in this does not make us acknowledge the implementation of the commandments of the dead through visions of others, especially those related to acts of worship, and this is one of the biggest doors through which many heresies and myths have entered us. Indeed, the strife that has caused the killing of many innocent people, and perhaps some of the Sufis, may God have guided them, have fallen into this dangerous slope by claiming that their noble prophet came to them and actually permitted him or blessed him for a deed. Endurance, it is rejected novel . What remains of this issue remains for one of the dead to come and ask one of the heirs for something that has nothing to do with religion, but rather a matter of public life or interests that relate to it, or an order that is established in the text of Sharia. Such as Sunnah, charity, Hajj, Umrah, ties of kinship, performance of the debt that he owes to God or to a human being, and other than these images. This is looked at, and after presenting the vision to those who are trusted with his knowledge, this deceased should be discharged and there is no embarrassment, God willing . And God knows best .