Does seeing the dead indicate near-term?

Does seeing the dead indicate near-term? Seeing the dead in general, or seeing someone who died for the seeker in particular does not indicate the imminence of the deadline, and it is not permissible for anyone to say this, nor believe it, and I am astonished at those who terrify people, and claim that some visions are related to their deadlines ! Death is a right and all people will enter its door, but no one knows about this except God, and there is no close king nor a messenger prophet, and this is one of the matters that God invoked with his knowledge, and it is evidenced by the words of the Almighty : [ God has knowledge of the hour, and He descends the rain and knows what is in the womb and what is A soul knows what it will gain tomorrow, and no soul knows in what land it will die, for God knows best . ] Luqman : 34 may be said that Omar may Allah be pleased with him saw three clicks Decca click it, Fbrha his death after three, or kill him by a foreigner, and to respond to this novel if true, that Omar was inspired; The truth is based on his lips, and the Qur’an agreed with him in six places. Who among us, or those who express it as Omar? If the king of the vision does not know the date of death, then do not believe if someone comes to you and scares you with news of the time of your death, through a vision you saw, rest assured, and breathe .