Do visions have anything to do with magic?

Do visions have anything to do with magic? And in order to explain to you the topic , can we infer the magic and who put it? And when? Where? What is the treatment method? Through visions? Many people when asked about the vision saw her , you find after you cut vision tells you . . Knowing that I am bewitched . Or : I see Mnamat dreams and explained to me that I have the charm and the work of my work ; It is known that the enchanted is accompanied by some dreams . Or : I am an infected eye from a long time , I did not find a cure . Or : I told that I Maaon or Maaonh , and told me that people are trustworthy ! ! Or : knowing when I read so and so the duration of such and such , and I began to feel better . And others . . . . , These , brothers and sisters, are examples and examples of some communications or some written messages that are received from time to time , and here are my pauses . . I hope you will read it with interest so that your judgment may be correct, God willing . First : magic exists , it affects the human influence real , as well as the right eye and present , came the right to speak the words peace be upon him : ~ If it was something earlier Qadr preceded the eye ~ (1), and the words as well as the ~ right eye ~ ( 2). Second : inattention to mention God exist and are escalating among the people for many reasons and well – known love of the world and their fascination and the spread of sins and the indulgence , indulgence in eating muslim . Third : the abandonment of the Koran and the corner on the shelves in the mosques , or houses , and has become a lot of us do not read by only a few times , and some only read it in Ramadan , and some on Friday , not this fact . . . And what fact ! ! Some even just hang on the walls without reading it . Fourth : more parents to his children not pollutants back on dhikr and wird legitimacy that is said in the morning and evening and at bedtime and when entering the house, entering the toilet, and eating, and wearing new . . . And others . Things that happen to each of us every day . Fifth : spread ignorance, say , science , and here I mean the legitimate and much of science is called science who Lifton people without knowledge and without curriculum or officer, and Hola find them doing the task of a perversion of Ahdaah, and Ocefathm ready to be spent on those who visit them, Sometimes they say : There you have charm, other : there is You have an eye, and you have to attend and blind sessions of treatment, and you and you, and these people do not hesitate to reveal the patient’s body, even if it is a female, and the blowing inside her body, and I am here asking whether this work is legal? Let us think carefully before the answer, and we offer it categorize Shara . This is what is needed . ___________________________________ (1 ) Narrated by Imam Muslim as in the nuclear explained in the book of peace door medicine, disease and sophistication (16 \ 171 ) 0 sequel talk : ~ If Astgseltm Vagsilwa ~ – op – and Tirmidhi narrated in the book of medicine the door of what came in the Spell From al-Ain and Bab Ma Jah in that the eye is right and washing her – previous reference – and it was narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad in the Musnad al-Qabail .. The hadith of Asma bint Umais, may God be pleased with her – previous reference -. (2 ) Agreed from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah , may Allah be pleased with him, see Fath al – Bari book medicine door right eye (203 \ 10 ) – op • Nuclear and to explain a Muslim in the book of medicine, disease and Alrqi (14 \ 170 ) – Previous reference -. ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi