Grapes in a dream are good and lasting sustenance . And grapes at a time other than their time are good that they receive before their time, and it may be forbidden to hasten them before their time . Whoever catches a cluster gets money collected from a woman . Black grapes are a livelihood that does not remain, and if it is at its time then it is they, and if it is at another time then it is a disease . And if it was cast, then it indicates intense fear . And whoever picks up black grapes from the door of the Sultan, he will be beaten with whips . White grapes are nothing but good and cure, and Noah, peace be upon him, was struck by tuberculosis, so God revealed to him that all the grapes were so he did and he was cured of his illness . And black grapes are of little benefit, and it was said : It is a concern . And grapes are good in their time and indicate benefits that are from women or because of women . Perhaps eating grapes in sleep indicates beating wine, just as drinking wine indicates eating grapes . Perhaps the grapes were a livelihood from a cream, or a defect if you pressed them . See also generosity .