Does he come to the sleeper lounging in Ramadan?

Does he come to the sleeper lounging in Ramadan? In the past articles and discussions, we decided on an established fact, which is that the dream from Satan is a reality, not a metaphor, and we mentioned at the time the correct hadith in the Sahih : the vision is from the Beneficent and the dream is from the Devil . But also in the blessed month of Ramadan, the hadith of Abu Hurairah was reported, that he said, the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : When Ramadan enters, the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained . Narrated by Bukhari . So does the series of demons mean the absence of dreams, nightmares, and squats in this holy month? The answer from the beginning : No, you may see nightmares, and the person may sleep in Ramadan, and here is more explanation . The reason for the confusion is the phrase : The devils are chained, and its meaning is in several ways, including : 1 / That the chain is specific to those who seek the hearing, and that their sequence occurs during the nights of Ramadan rather than its days, because they were prevented at the time of the revelation of the Qur’an from eavesdropping, so they increased the sequence, exaggerating in memorization . 2 / It may be that what is meant is that the devils do not get rid of the Muslims ’temptation to what they find in others, because they engage in fasting that suppresses their desires, and because they are busy reading the Qur’an and remembrance and righteous deeds . 3 / That the chain is specific to some, and they are the Marada, and it has evidence, and it is the hadith of Abu Huraira with the wording : If the first night of Ramadan was chained up by the devils and the return of Paradise . And in the wording : and the devils prevail in it . In conclusion, the chaining up of demons may be on its appearance and truth, and that all this is a sign for the angels to enter the month and maximize its sanctity and to prevent the demons from harming the believers, and this may be an indication of the abundance of reward and forgiveness, and that the demons are less seduced and become like the chained ones, so I do not see what prevents the emergence of dreams or nightmares For sleeping in it . Al-Qurtubi said, after suggesting that he carried it outwardly : If it is said, how do we see evils and sins occurring in Ramadan a lot, and if the devils are chained up, that will not happen? The answer is that it is less than the fasting of the fasting people whose conditions are preserved and its etiquette observed, or the shackled some of the devils and they are the apostate, not all of them, or what is meant is to reduce the evils in it and this is a tangible matter, because the occurrence of that in it is less than others, as it is not necessary for all of them to be chained up that no evil occurs There is no sin, because for that there are causes other than the demons, such as evil souls, ugly habits, and human demons, and God knows best .