What language of vision I have a bilingual?

What language of vision I have bilingual? The language of visions and dreams is according to the languages ​​of their owners, so whoever speaks Arabic will tell you what he saw in his sleep in Arabic, and whoever speaks another language. Like English, French or German, it will tell you to see it . But the question here is / Who speaks two or more languages, which one will dream? And in what language will he tell what he saw? From my point of view, what a person sees from this group, who speaks more than one language, will narrate the vision in the language he practices most at the time of the vision, or he will live in its community at the time of the vision. As for the vision itself, he sees images and symbols through the king of the vision, so he visualizes it for him, and from Then the seer transfers it and takes it out at the time of cutting it to see according to the language in which he was speaking and using it . But he found some people who saw in a dream someone talking to him in an incomprehensible language, and this interpretation in my opinion is due to several explanations or interpretations, including that he will meet this person who owns a foreign language, or he will master this language, or he will travel to this language country, or he is thinking of traveling to a country Foreign . In conclusion, what we see has multiple meanings, and the process of removing it from the owner of the dream, for the interpreter, differs from one person to another, in terms of style, honesty, exaggeration and veneration, and also differs in terms of the language spoken by the owner of the dream or the vision