The slave

Whoever in a dream became a slave and was among the free, and knew who enslaved him may be enslaved by his kindness while awake, and perhaps he indicates a debt that he commits until he becomes a slave to those who borrowed from him, or becomes his wage earner . If his master sold it, he would gain glory and prestige, and perhaps he would fall into a scheming and humiliation, and perhaps he would gain good compared to the story of Joseph, peace be upon him . And if in a dream the servant becomes free, then it indicates ease after hardship, salvation from adversity, payment of debt and cure of illnesses . And the servant in a dream is they, and whoever sees that he is a slave, he will be hit by them, and if he sees that he is being sold, he will be in distress, unless his wife buys him, then he is honored . If a woman without a husband becomes a slave in a dream, she will marry . Likewise, if he sells his wife, he divorces her . Whoever becomes a slave owned by his enemy is subdued and humiliated, because slaves are subjugated to their masters .