Does Ma’youn benefit – whoever hit the eye – what he sees from the visions?

Does Ma’youn benefit – from the one he struck the eye – what he sees from visions, or dreams, in discovering his cause , or his eye, when he – who caused him by the eye – ? This is an issue that is raised to me constantly, and it is from what I discussed in the dream program on the Mbc screen , and the episode received a good, and great response at a time, praise be to God, and what the eyes see from my point of view is not without two aspects : 1 / To see the vision after he insists on God By supplication, to heal and recover without thinking through the eyes or exaggerating them, and without suspecting anyone . Here and in this case, the visions may benefit their owners, and perhaps in their expression a reason for the escape of the owner, or his indication of the cause of his cause . 2 / To see the vision; He doubts a person, family, or friend, or doubts a situation, such as someone who has come to him after a party or an exam, so he doubts who has attended these events, for example, and this person begins to work his mind, and thoughts and whispers begin to play with him right and left, and it is not hidden That this waswas is one of the actions of the Devil, then this person may invite his Lord to show him in a dream a vision that points to the eye, and then he sleeps and dreams about one or more people, or a family, and he may be a colleague or relative, and he may even be a lover of the people most loving him !!!! He connects him with his misfortune, because I say here that this is a mistake, and it is one of the actions of the devil, and his mistress for man, to make him in permanent sadness and a cycle from which he cannot get out, and from here begins for some people an endless journey with the expressers, then with the readers, then with the doctors …… etc., and this journey may end in recovery, or may not end; And he is predominant, and the reason in this case : It is these delusions resulting from the fact that dreams may indicate who suffered, or caused the eye . Here I am saying a truth so that he does not understand from my words the absolute generalization : that recognition of the eye through the dreams of the eye is possible, and there are many who have benefited from this method, but not in the way that it exists today, and in which the therapist asks the aid to tell him after reading, or the treatment session, Whoever sees in sleep and asserts that he is the ‘Ain, and what Ma’un saw in such a false situation is invalid, and that which is built on falsehood is invalid …. If this patient is aroused and asked him after reading him to sleep, and then he will see his eye in his sleep It is like a pipe that is the product of thinking about something, worries, or projects, and if its owner falls asleep, he sees it in his sleep, and this has no expression and no attention to it, and God knows best .