Why do I sometimes ask about the time of the vision?

Why do I sometimes ask about the time of the vision? This question is asked to me constantly, and it is very important for me to clarify what he has hidden in every question; So that everyone knows that we start from firm and solid starting points, and that we are talking – God willing – with knowledge, and there is no doubt that this science has a legitimate identity, and it differs from those who interpret visions or dreams from purely psychological terms, and it is a method that exists in abundance, especially among healers. Psychologists, may God help them and benefit them . And I say here : What was seen in the intensity of the heat differs from what was seen in the intensity of the cold because the fire in the first is blameworthy, and in the second it is praiseworthy, and likewise when it is expressed that fire is praiseworthy in winter, and reprehensible in summer mostly . And it is in winter that brings people together around her and becomes pleasant for them, while she is removed in the heat, so also the fruits, seeing them eaten at the time of their ripeness is very praiseworthy, and the expression is auspicious for the seeker, but if a vision is eaten at a time other than its ripening, the vision may have a bad connotation For the seeker, and it has been customary for eating fruits to be palatable and useful at the time they ripen, but he must know that the expression here may differ completely, depending on the situation of the seer, or his profession, sex, or age, for example, and so on who sees that he wears winter clothes in winter time The best expression is the one who sees that he wears it in a time of great heat, and whoever sees that he does Hajj at the time of Hajj, for example, differs from the one who sees that he does Hajj at a time other than his time . Thus you notice the reason for asking about the time of the vision for the crossing, but sometimes there is no reason in the vision that leads me to ask about its time, so I do not ask, or there is in the words of the vision a sign that enriches me from the question, so let this issue be learned