Do visions always point to the future?

Do visions always point to the future? Mostly it is a sign of the future, but the vision may be in a matter that its owner lives, i.e. in the present, and this is like seeing some of the companions of the Night of Power, and the messenger telling them about their visions, then he told them the expression and the expression was related to what they were living the modernity of that time, which is the question about the Night of Power and when it is, and as the vision of a slave Allah bin Zaid for the ears . It may be about a past issue, for example the vision of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when he saw that he was drinking milk and then gave his grace to Omar, talking about the amount of knowledge that was given to him and this happened to him before the vision. Likewise, Umar was given to him, may God be pleased with him, and this is what It was decided by scholars of this art . Ibn Hajar said that there is evidence from the vision of the past, the situation and the future . Among the most prominent examples of the visions that were indicative of the future was the vision of Joseph, may blessings and peace be upon him .