Is there a relationship between overeating and nightmares?

Is there a relationship between overeating and nightmares? Yes, food may cause some types of nightmares, and that is why the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, warned against excessive eating, and said : [ The son of Adam never filled a bowl of a cat, an evil from his belly, according to Ibn Adam for his crucifixions, and if it is necessary, then a third for his food, a third for his drink, and a third for himself ] , also he said : [ stomach disease house ] , and these ills that has to do with sleep and what has to do vigilant . However, the habit of nightmares resulting from eating food is not of a frightening or harmful character, such as those that result from the effects of magic or the eye, for example, or watching over forbidden things, in indecent parties or singing, and the Messenger, peace and blessings of God be upon him after the evening prayer, hated speaking after it, forbids That it be a permissible speech, if there is a meeting after it, and in what God has forbidden, then its owner may suffer from instability in his sleep, and this is the result of many things, such as staying up late and violating what God and His Messenger have forbidden, and forbidding it and the conclusion is that there is a link between satiety and nightmares, but the nightmares resulting from Satisfaction is not the size of the nightmares that come from magic, the eye, or sin