How do I get rid of the problem of expecting evils around me , if I see a heartbreaking dream in them?

How do I get rid of the problem of expecting evils around me , if I see a heartbreaking dream in them? This is an example of many questions , I have always seen , and I do not hide you that I was one of those who lived with this problem , as I see what will happen to some around me , and then I live in anxiety and await what may happen, and this problem exists for some people as well, in a state of wakefulness !! From my point of view, their sense of something before its occurrence may be of the type of inspiration ; It is that one talks about something and God revives the truth on his tongue . The Quran was approved in six places . Omar bin Al-Khattab was an inspirational one. The truth is carried out on his tongue, and the Qur’an agreed with him in six places. It came in Sahih Muslim through Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with him. He said, Umar said : [ My Lord agreed in three : the shrine of Ibrahim, the veil, and the Asara Badr ]. Also, when the women of the Prophet protested against him in jealousy, he said : May his Lord, if he divorced you, will exchange him for better husbands from you, and the verse was revealed thereby . In a authentic hadith according to Muslim, he agreed with the prohibition of praying for the hypocrites [ see Sharh Al-Nawawi on Sahih Muslim 15/167] And he also agreed with regard to the prohibition of alcohol. Al-Nawawi said : This is six, and there is nothing in the wording of the previous hadith about Umar that denies increasing approval, and God knows best. I return to the previous topic, and I say : It may be because of another reason, which is the sensitive feeling of feeling for others, and living with their problems, as happens to some mothers or fathers with their children, for example, so the father or mother may feel the suffering of one of the children while he is in estrangement, or in distress . He may say, for example : I feel that my chest is contracted by so-and-so, and this matter may happen to others who are distinguished by these characteristics, from some groups, such as some security men, doctors, teachers, or male and female nurses, and others who have a feeling about who he is Responsible for it . This problem can be pushed in two ways : 1 / If this intuition came through a dream, then he pushed it with the stated precautions against the hated vision, and it pushes this thing that he fears will happen, God willing . And he who has been afflicted with this quality must insist on God to pray in order to ward off this matter on his behalf, and he will not see any of this, God willing . 2 / And if this intuition came through inspiration, then he pushed it through supplication that God would remove this quality from him, and God was able to respond to the servant’s question, especially to those who insist on supplication, and God knows best .