What is the relationship of a believer or a Muslim , with a good vision?

What is the relationship of a believer or a Muslim , with a good vision? The visions are what we have left of the matter of prophethood , and perhaps the hadith of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him : “ There is nothing left of prophethood except the evangelists. ” They said : What is it? He said : “The righteous vision is seen by a Muslim, or a story .” I say that perhaps it will help in this aspect, as it confirms the believer at the time of estrangement and is a helper for him, and gives him hope for glory and empowerment. Therefore, some scholars interpreted the Almighty’s saying : The guardians of God have no fear of them. Nor do they grieve for those who believed and feared the good news for them in this life and in the hereafter ……. etc. The verse is that the Good News is the good vision that the believer sees in his sleep, and it is a confirmation and a message from God, not like human messages, for it is without an intermediary, and this is one of the signs Goodness for the human being, that is, one who sees a vision and is remarkable to his attention, or corrects his mistakes, and God knows best